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So much of her story arc since Faking It premiered has been centered around Karma, be it her friendship with Karma, her feelings for Karma, or simply letting Karma's actions dictate her own. But it did give her some power over Amy, even if she didn't wield it.Amy has compromised her own feelings for Karma on numerous occasions, whether because she chose to do it or she felt like she had to do it, and the result has been nothing less than some truly heartbreaking performances from both Rita Volk and Katie Stevens. And when Amy chose herself over their friendship at the end of Season 2, it was a crushing moment for Karma because for once she wasn't the one holding the power or dictating what happened in their friendship.Amy's feelings frequently meant she bent to whatever Karma wanted, and after a summer away put things in perspective for Amy, the fact that she didn't apologize for leaving made things worse for Karma, especially in the wake of the reveal that she had cried oceans of tears and the only way she got through it was by going to work and making new friends with the lifeguards at the pool.

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Friendships, like any relationship, require compromise and communication in order to work, and so far, Amy and Karma's friendship, as strong as it appeared to be from the outside, was not supported from within.This doesn't mean their issues are any less important or that they're more well-adjusted than women, but Liam and Shane's non-issue issue this week didn't carry nearly the baggage that Amy and Karma's had, so it was a friendly and humorous B-plot that complemented their's rather than detracting from it.Similarly, Lauren faced her own friendship issues in the wake of Lisbeth's departure, and she was auditioning new friends for a friendternship.This season, Faking It will explore an extended period of falling out between Amy and Karma after the former chose to leave Austin for the summer at the end of Season 2, and it's not like anything the show has done before.Although the two have faced obstacles in the past, they were eventually, and rather swiftly, able to be overcome them because of the strength of their bond (and the length of each season).

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