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Before their ‘first night’, most people don’t find out anything about sex other than from movies, porn, peers or bad literature. This leads to a situation where many youngsters and even adults are clueless about how to deal with their own sexuality.Throw into the mix our arranged marriage culture, which suggests that we wait till marriage to bump uglies and only do it with someone our parents, the position of the planets and our pandit has picked!There are a lot of dating sites out there that claim to be the number one in their niche, but Asian women app makes the a different claim - 100% Free Asian dating app .Compared to other dating sites in this niche such as, this is not very impressive.Asian Admire is the 100% free dating site aimed at single asians and their admirers.Unlike many asian dating sites, Asian Admire is totally free with no sign up fees and offering unlimied free messages to all of it's members.

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The truth is that for the average Indian, sex education is non-existent.

Well, I am sorry, you will not find the video here, but I do have a question for you – why are you so sex-deprived? Is it because it’s an Indian actress and other than Sunny Leone, you’ve never seen an Indian actress nude?

But first, where did the Radhika Apte clip come from?

Not only do we refuse to talk about sex, we even refuse to have any form of sex education because it’s against our ‘Indian tradition’. I hate repeating myself, but we’re the land which created the somewhere around 400 BC.

Ancient Indian temples (Khajuraho and others) have explicit sculptures extolling the joys of sexual union to educate the mass of devotees visiting the temple.

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