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Both men chuckled as the Chief Inspector said this, making Harry sick with shame and forcing Kate to blush. Harry ran thru his options in his mind as he sat there. The worst thing was that they would be using her in THAT WAY.And that she worried how she would be able to endure it.t know what to do. Harry sat there feeling sick to his stomach not knowing if he should be watching or leaving as the black man groped his wife and soon, she was reacting.He was average in height with pleasant features, a little pot belly and a nice guy attitude - typical of a man who earned his living as a salesman. Kamau was doing all he could to stifle a smile at this as Harry sweated....He was having tea at the coffee shop at the Nairobi Hilton.....sitting by himself when Senior Sergeant Kamau and Sergeant Zuberi of the Langata station sat down. At that point, Harry gulped and took out his handkerchief to mop his brow. Kamau was smiling at this point and so was his partner. They told him that they had some charges that he needed to answer and told him that they were taking him down to the station.But, when the Chief Inspector again demanded two million shillings, all Harry could do was beg and plead for some slack. Your wife would have to work off the balance in my movies. When he told her that she was going to have to work off his debt, she was stunned. Munyambu had found a way to get his hands on both their throats. After dinner, Kate was in the kitchen, when Harry got a call on his cell phone.He told Munyambu that he could come up with maybe.... It was Munyambu and he wanted Kate and Harry to meet him and Kamau for a drink at a seedy bar on Friday at 9pm. Several people, mostly black but a few whites too, came by to pay their respects. He was a grizzled, lean smallish man with a pot belly.He, his Senior Sergeant Kamau and his crew, all of them from the Luo tribe, operated like a gang out of the Langata station and an industrial warehouse on Pate Road.They sold protection to business men, brokered stolen goods and collected bribes whenever they could. Highly illegal, his Kenyan porn films found eager distributors in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

For Munyambu, and his cohorts in crime, this was called having fun with the Harry Braxton was white, 44 years old, sandy-haired and balding.

Transparency International, a watchdog organization, ranks Kenya as the 11th most corrupt nation in the world.

The average city dweller in Kenya pays 16 bribes per month.

It was pretty apparent that Munyambu reveled in being able to lord it over him. The waiter came back to inquire if they needed anything and at that point, Kate had gotten very loud. The Inspector had several sticks to beat them with him.

The sounds coming from the restroom became more frantic, crude and raw and a few patrons had congregated outside the door wondering what was going on. From where Harry sat, both he and the waiter could hear her. After another 5 minutes or so, Kamau and Kate came back to the table. When Munyambu told Harry he would be bringing some friends over to their house the following weekend, Harry winced.

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