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They will be cheered on by 2.5 million spectators who refuse to let the terror attack stop them from enjoying the annual event.

The famous marathon was first held in 1970, when 127 people raced around Central Park.

Eight people died and 12 suffered serious injuries, ranging from a bilateral amputation to serious head and neck injuries, back trauma and trauma to the arms and legs.

Cuomo said that Saipov 'radicalized domestically' after moving to America in 2010, where he has worked as a commercial truck driver and Uber driver.

Continue on through rock formations and you enter the curved cavernous cavern to your main living area.

Magically you feel transported to a mystical cavern where a forest is beckoning through a wall of windows.

Six years later, about 2,000 amateur runners dashed through the streets of all five New York boroughs in 1976.

'It will be the most ever deployed at this event.' However, Gov.Step onto the meandering pathway that leads to your magical get-a-way… As you round a corner you will be immersed in your first glimpse of the Grotto…Which happens to be a VERY ROMANTIC Jacuzzi for Two!Cuomo did concede that even with all the increased security, it was impossible to make the entire 26-mile route 'safe'.'You cannot have concrete barriers in front of every possible location.You do everything you can.'He added that they were doubling police bodies at the event and at hubs such as Grand Central station.

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