Dating skills podcast

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Doing so, making yourself laugh and lighten up before doing anything you perceive as “high pressure” like talking to a pretty girl, is one of their suggestions.Whether you want to approach an attractive woman or you’re going into an interview for the job of your dreams, they suggest doing something you enjoy and have fun doing to take the pressure off.

Another suggestion they have on the topic of talking to women is to take baby steps. Who do you see every day but don’t chat with or haven’t gotten to know?

I just say I work in academic administration, and that I’m content with my job.

I try instead to ask leading questions to try and get the guy to talk about himself, and to show interest in what he says. I have all of the standard hobbies, but I’m not a standout in any of them. And while I have a doctorate, I don’t believe I’m extremely intelligent.

A doctorate says nothing about the kind of partner you will be, or why someone should want to be with you.

It’s an academic qualification that hangs on the wall, but it’s no real testament as to the kind of person you really are.

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