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What do you get in return for the fees you pay the agency?There are many scenarios where the credit counselor will be able to consolidate your credit cards and get a lower monthly payment than you could on your own without the consolidation.The more accounts you have to enroll, the more likely the bill consolidation plan pays for itself.When you enroll in a debt management repayment plan with a credit counselor, your accounts will be permanently closed by the credit grantor.This allows you to verify the payments are being made on time and to see that the bank is applying your payments according to the plan you set up with the credit counseling company.

As mentioned earlier, the monthly payment relief you get from working with a counseling agency comes from interest rate reductions, and the minimum payment concessions that are prearranged with your creditors.

When starting out on the plan, it can be difficult to get new credit, and you are encouraged to not open any new credit without speaking to your credit counselor first.

As you progress with your credit counseling payments over the course of a year or more, you may be able to qualify for a car loan, student loans – even refinance your mortgage.

The accounts that you enroll in the credit counseling plan may appear on your credit report as being enrolled in a managed repayment plan.

This does not impact your credit score, but it can affect the way your credit report is viewed by people who look at it in order to lend to you.

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