Blackberry latitude not updating

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The Verizon Wireless 4G SIM card houses your subscriber profile and information needed to authenticate your services on our network.

These 4G SIM cards are compatible only with Verizon Wireless-certified 4G LTE devices and are equipped with PIN (Personal Identification Number) and PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) codes to protect against unauthorized use.

A device must be activated before it can send and receive voice calls, text messages and data.

A feature that displays the time and if you have recent notifications anytime you touch your phone while it’s in sleep mode.

It's a quick way to check for new text messages, emails and other notifications without having to unlock your phone.

Device capable of light internet browsing, checking email, storing music and/or other high-end services, along with standard capabilities such as calling, messaging, Bluetooth® headset support and picture-taking capabilities.

A directory assistance service available to all Verizon Wireless customers.

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