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From the word I've heard on Loeb, maybe I haven't read enough of his stuff (or, rather, the less read, apparently, the better).This special 67 minute movie (shorter than usual) was adapted from one of his graphic novels, about how in a kind of bizarre turn of events (if not Bizarro-world) Lex Luthor is made President and declares after a faked-taped scene where Superman appears to be squashing a guy with a car, he puts a bounty on his head for a billion dollars.

But there's just something about it, the predictability and the weak bits of dialog, that don't settle easy.

Bateman manages to subdue Solomon Grundy by slowing him down with Sleeping gas and then finishing with a strong kick to the solar plex. See more » Superman flies up into space to rescue Batman, who is in the wrecked rocket.

In a 1982 DC/Marvel Crossover event, Batman defeated the Hulk in a similar fashion. However, this would be suicide for Superman because the Kryptonite dust cloud and the trillions of shards of the meteor would still be floating around out there.

Em 2000, durante a reunião anual realizada entre o corpo editorial da DC Comics e os escritores responsáveis pelas várias revistas protagonizadas por Superman para definir o rumo que as histórias tomariam no ano seguinte, discutiu-se como continuar avançando a história do personagem Lex Luthor.

Embora fosse desde a sua concepção um vilão, uma série de tramas publicadas nos últimos anos concluíram com Luthor recebendo aos olhos do público o crédito por inúmeras "boas ações", como a reconstrução de Gotham City após uma série de eventos ter devastado a cidade.

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