American idol couple dating

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During last Wednesday's performances, we learned Irene asked Johnson to be her prom date, and he, not surprisingly, said yes.

The pair already have amazing chemistry when they perform together.

It's amazing what American Idol has helped me do." American Idol finale: And the Season 10 winner is...

"I think I've changed as a performer and as a singer.... "I want to go to Nashville and get cracking on this album. I think it's my duty to get the fans the music as quick as possible," he said. They're the ones who put me through every week, and I'm humbled they really want to keep hearing my music." American Idol's Lauren Alaina on vocal problems: I knew God would get me through it Mc Creery also hinted at the possibility of a duet with Alaina.

I went to clubs by myself to dance and meet men, attended wild celebrity functions and glamorous, exclusive sex parties (run by women) just like in the movie .

The guy I end up with has to be comfortable with my sexual orientation.

Music by Radiohead, Paramore and Peter Gabriel was performed by the Vitamin String Quartet.

As soon as Scotty Mc Creery was named the Season 10 winner of American Idol, his mind shot back to where he was the last time a winner was named.

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