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While there’s no way for us to officially confirm this, Reddit user Experience The Divine, who is Facebook friends with her, has confirmed her disappearance. 1): Kahanna has returned to posting on Facebook which we take to mean as either 1) she got eliminated early from the show or 2) she just decided to disappear for a while without telling anybody where she was going. Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota Yet another queen to have gone suspiciously quite on her social media accounts is Max Malanaphy.

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It seems that Co Co Montrese’s drag daughter, who looks a lot like her mama, hasn’t updated her Facebook page for a while (which is set to private) and her friends are sharing their concerns about her disappearance on her wall.Her last tweet went out on July 20/21 (West cost/East coast) but it was a very simple tweet and wasn’t accompanied by an Instagram photo (as most of her previous tweets have been).Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico Kandy’s Facebook and Instagram accounts have gone mysteriously quiet.Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia Violet disappeared from social media on July 16 when she posted on Facebook that she was in Quito, Equador due to a family emergency. Additionally, her drag mother Digna Shei posted on Instagram that she was going to be leaving…Conveniently, she also threw in “Please bring mama the crown” at the end and the hashtag #Drag Race.

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